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Native application (app) development on Android and iOS

Mobile App Analytics integration - Google Analytics, Flurry, Crashlytics

Changes to Native Android apps like Phonebook, Messaging, Settings etc

Android Middleware enhancements, 3rd Party Library integration

Android Base-porting to Custom Hardware and Driver development



Descriptive Analytics - Data summarization, Reports, Charts, Graphs

Diagnostic Analytics - Develop Custom Drill-downs, Query & Search Tools

Real-time Analytics - Create Dashboards, Perform Streaming Analytics and Complex Event Processing



Develop scalable, secure, high-performance and high-availability Web Apps & REST Web Services

Responsive Web Applications using Bootstrap or Foundation

Expertise in work with LAMP, WAMP & MEAN stacks

Work with both SQL Databases (MySQL, MS SQL Server) and NoSQL DBs (Mongo, Cassandra, Hbase)

Experience in Amazon (EC2, RDS, Redis/Memcached), Google App Engine and Microsoft Azure

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