Neilmed App

Neilmed : An US based Pharmacy company The Sales Rep App is used on mobile devices to capture daily activity details dynamically.

The main goal of this implementation is to dynamically help the sales rep to capture visit information, create transactions and provide transparency of your day to day activities.

Neilmed Services



Native application (app) development on iOS

Apps for Retail, Logistics

Mobile App Analytics integration - Google Analytics, Flurry, Crashlytics

IOS Middleware enhancements, 3rd Party Library integration

IOS Base-porting to Custom Hardware and Driver development



Descriptive Analytics - Data summarization, Reports, Charts, Graphs

Diagnostic Analytics - Develop Custom Drill-downs, Query & Search Tools

Real-time Analytics - Create Dashboards, Perform Streaming Analytics and Complex Event Processing

Web Connectivity to MS Dynamics, 3rd party CRMs



Develop scalable, secure, high-performance and high-availability Web Apps & REST Web Services

Expertise in work with LAMP, WAMP & MEAN stacks

Work with both SQL Databases (MySQL, MS SQL Server)

Experience in Amazon (EC2, RDS, Redis/Memcached), Google App Engine and Microsoft Azure

Neilmed Features